Spain Spain: Coal, consumption by energy sector (thousand metric tons)

The data set "Coal, consumption by energy sector (thousand metric tons)" for Spain contains data from the year 1990 until 2004.
Coal that has a high degree of coalification with a gross calorific value above 23,865 KJ/kg (5,700 kcal/kg) on an ash-free but moist basis, and a mean random reflectance of vitrinite of at least 0.6. Slurries, middlings and other low-grade coal products, which cannot be classified according to the type of coal from which they are obtained, are included under hard coal. There are two sub-categories of hard coal: (i) coking coal and (ii) other bituminous coal and anthracite (also known as steam coal). Coking coal is a hard coal with a quality that allows the production of coke suitable to support a blast furnace charge. Steam coal is coal used for steam raising and space heating purposes and includes all anthracite coals and bituminous coals not classified as coking coal.
Data on consumption refer to 'apparent consumption' and are derived from the formula 'production + imports - exports - bunkers +/- stock changes.'
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Hard coal Daten

Data set Value
Coal, consumption by chemical industry (thousand metric tons) 223
Coal, consumption by coke ovens (thousand metric tons) 39
selected data set
Coal, consumption by energy sector (thousand metric tons)
Coal, consumption by households (thousand metric tons) 125
Coal, consumption by households and other consumers (thousand metric tons) 165
Coal, consumption by industry and construction (thousand metric tons) 310
Coal, consumption by iron and steel industry (thousand metric tons) 60
Coal, consumption by mining industry (energy commodities) (thousand metric tons) 2
Coal, consumption by other consumers (thousand metric tons) 40
Coal, consumption by other industries and construction (thousand metric tons) 27

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 46,397,452
Area (sq. km) 505,940.0
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $) 1,311,320,015,516
Gross domestic product per capita (US $) 28,157
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