Austria Austria: Natural gas, consumption by transportation industry (terajoules)

The data set "Natural gas, consumption by transportation industry (terajoules)" for Austria contains data from the year 1990 until 2014.
Gases consisting mainly of methane occurring naturally in underground deposits. It includes both non-associated gas (originating from fields producing only hydrocarbons in gaseous form) and associated gas (originating from fields producing both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons), as well as methane recovered from coal mines and sewage gas. Production of natural gas refers to dry marketable production, measured after purification and extraction of natural gas liquids and sulphur. Extraction losses and the amounts that have been reinjected, flared, and vented are excluded from the data on production.
Data on consumption refer to 'apparent consumption' and are derived from the formula 'production + imports - exports - bunkers +/- stock changes.'
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Natural gas Daten

Data set Value
Natural gas, consumption (cu. meters) 9,000,000,000
Natural gas, consumption by agriculture (terajoules) 601
Natural gas, consumption by chemical industry (terajoules) 18,932
Natural gas, consumption by energy sector (terajoules) 13,608
Natural gas, consumption by households (terajoules) 46,553
Natural gas, consumption by households and other consumers (terajoules) 71,640
Natural gas, consumption by industry and construction (terajoules) 112,917
Natural gas, consumption by iron and steel industry (terajoules) 18,915
Natural gas, consumption by other industries and construction (terajoules) 75,070
Natural gas, consumption by petroleum refineries (terajoules) 9,123
Natural gas, consumption by road transport (terajoules) 780
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Natural gas, consumption by transportation industry (terajoules)
Natural gas, consumption for non-energy uses (terajoules) 15,535

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 8,557,761
Area (sq. km) 83,879.0
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $) 386,427,793,787
Gross domestic product per capita (US $) 44,177