Argentina Argentina: Fibreboard, medium density, import value (US $)

The data set "Fibreboard, medium density, import value (US $)" for Argentina contains data from the year 1995 until 2017.
MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a type of fibreboard with a density exceeding 0.50 g/cm3 but not exceeding 0.80 g/cm3.


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Fibreboard Daten

Data set Value
Fibreboard, total, production volume (cu. meters) 545,000
Fibreboard, total, export value (US $) 38,284
Fibreboard, total, export volume (cu. meters) 86,030
Fibreboard, total, import value (US $) 23,123
Fibreboard, total, import volume (cu. meters) 50,181
Fibreboard, compressed, production volume (cu. meters) 250,000
Fibreboard, compressed, export value (US $) 3,872
Fibreboard, compressed, export volume (cu. meters) 13,264
Fibreboard, compressed, import value (US $) 2,693
Fibreboard, compressed, import volume (cu. meters) 7,396
Fibreboard, medium density, production volume (cu. meters) 484,000
Fibreboard, medium density, export value (US $) 34,627
Fibreboard, medium density, export volume (cu. meters) 76,000
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Fibreboard, medium density, import value (US $)
Fibreboard, medium density, import volume (cu. meters) 45,000

General data

Data set Value
Population, total 44,688,864
Area (sq. km) 2,780,400.0
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $) 637,590,419,269
Gross domestic product per capita (US $) 14,402
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