Zentralafrikanische Republik Zentralafrikanische Republik: Schlachtbezogene Sterbefälle (Anzahl Personen)

Der Datensatz "Schlachtbezogene Sterbefälle (Anzahl Personen)" für Zentralafrikanische Republik enthält Daten vom Jahr 2001 bis 2014.
Battle-related deaths are deaths in battle-related conflicts between warring parties in the conflict dyad (two conflict units that are parties to a conflict). Typically, battle-related deaths occur in warfare involving the armed forces of the warring parties. This includes traditional battlefield fighting, guerrilla activities, and all kinds of bombardments of military units, cities, and villages, etc. The targets are usually the military itself and its installations or state institutions and state representatives, but there is often substantial collateral damage in the form of civilians being killed in crossfire, in indiscriminate bombings, etc. All deaths--military as well as civilian--incurred in such situations, are counted as battle-related deaths.


Dieser Abschnitt stellt die historischen Daten als Liniendiagramm dar.

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Sterbefälle Daten

Datensatz Wert
ausgewählter Datensatz
Schlachtbezogene Sterbefälle (Anzahl Personen)

Allgemeine Daten

Datensatz Wert
Bevölkerung, gesamt 4.737.423
Fläche (Quadratkilometer) 622.980,0
Bruttoinlandsprodukt nach Wechselkursen (US $) 1.949.411.659
Bruttoinlandsprodukt pro Kopf (US $) 418
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