Seychellen Seychellen: Kokosnüsse, Produktionsmenge (Tonnen)

Der Datensatz "Kokosnüsse, Produktionsmenge (Tonnen)" für Seychellen enthält Daten vom Jahr 1961 bis 2017.
Cocos nucifera Husked coconut. In shell, covered by the endocarp, while exocarp (the smooth outer skin) and mesocarp (the fibrous covering) are removed. Immature nuts contain a milky juice that is consumed as a refreshing drink. Mature nuts are consumed as such, or processed for copra or desiccated coconut. The flesh, from which copra/oil is extracted, constitutes 40-70% of the weight of the husked coconut. The oil content is about 36% of the flesh. Figures relate to the total domestic production whether inside or outside the agricultural sector, i.e. it includes non-commercial production and production from kitchen gardens. Unless otherwise indicated, production is reported at the farm level.


Dieser Abschnitt stellt die historischen Daten als Liniendiagramm dar.

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Kokosnüsse Daten

Datensatz Wert
ausgewählter Datensatz
Kokosnüsse, Produktionsmenge (Tonnen)
Kokosnüsse, Erntefläche (Hektar) 538
Kokosnüsse, Ertrag (Hektogramm pro Hektar) 46.092

Allgemeine Daten

Datensatz Wert
Bevölkerung, gesamt 95.235
Fläche (Quadratkilometer) 460,0
Bruttoinlandsprodukt nach Wechselkursen (US $) 1.485.994.387
Bruttoinlandsprodukt pro Kopf (US $) 15.504
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