Osttimor Osttimor: Exportkosten (US $ pro Container)

Der Datensatz "Exportkosten (US $ pro Container)" für Osttimor enthält Daten vom Jahr 2005 bis 2014.
Cost measures the fees levied on a 20-foot container in U.S. dollars. All the fees associated with completing the procedures to export or import the goods are included. These include costs for documents, administrative fees for customs clearance and technical control, customs broker fees, terminal handling charges and inland transport. The cost measure does not include tariffs or trade taxes. Only official costs are recorded. Several assumptions are made for the business surveyed: Has 60 or more employees; Is located in the country's most populous city; Is a private, limited liability company. It does not operate within an export processing zone or an industrial estate with special export or import privileges; Is domestically owned with no foreign ownership; Exports more than 10% of its sales. Assumptions about the traded goods: The traded product travels in a dry-cargo, 20-foot, full container load. The product: Is not hazardous nor does it include military items; Does not require refrigeration or any other special environment; Does not require any special phytosanitary or environmental safety standards other than accepted international standards.


Dieser Abschnitt stellt die historischen Daten als Liniendiagramm dar.

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In unserer Datenbank gibt es 12.195 Datensätze für Osttimor. Hier eine Auswahl von Datensätzen für Osttimor.

Exporte Daten

Datensatz Wert
ausgewählter Datensatz
Exportkosten (US $ pro Container)
Exportdokumente (Anzahl) 6
Zeit zum Export (Tage) 28,0

Allgemeine Daten

Datensatz Wert
Bevölkerung, gesamt 1.324.094
Fläche (Quadratkilometer) 14.870,0
Bruttoinlandsprodukt nach Wechselkursen (US $) 2.954.621.000
Bruttoinlandsprodukt pro Kopf (US $) 2.279
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