For each data set the latest value for the country is displayed. If historical values are available the drill down icon is displayed. The rank column displays the ranking of the selected country within all countries.
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National finances

Gross domestic product Value
Gross domestic product in exchange rates (US $)
Gross domestic product, PPP (current international $)
Gross domestic product real growth rate (%)

3 data sets are displayed from 4 total data sets

National budget Value
National budget revenues (US $)
National budget expenditure (US $)


Unemployment Value
Unemployment (% of total labor force)
Unemployment, female (% of female labor force)
Unemployment, male (% of male labor force)
Unemployment, youth total, ages 15-24 (% of total labor force)

4 data sets are displayed from 6 total data sets

Labor Value
Labor force
Labor force, female (% of total labor force)
Labor participation rate, total, ages 15 and above (% of total population)

3 data sets are displayed from 21 total data sets

Foreign trade - general

Exports Value
Exports (US $)

1 data set is displayed from 16 total data sets

Imports Value
Imports (US $)

1 data set is displayed from 16 total data sets


Defense Value
Arms imports (SIPRI trend indicator values)
Arms exports (SIPRI trend indicator values)
Armed forces personnel, total
Armed forces personnel (% of total labor force)

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