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Crop - Fruits

Fruits, total Value
Fruits without melons, total, production quantity (tons)
Fruits without melons, total, area harvested (hectare)
Fruits without melons, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Fruits fresh, others, production quantity (tons)
Fruits fresh, others, area harvested (hectare)
Fruits fresh, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Bananas Value
Bananas, production quantity (tons)
Bananas, area harvested (hectare)
Bananas, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Vegetables

Vegetables, total Value
Vegetables and melons, total, production quantity (tons)
Vegetables and melons, total, area harvested (hectare)
Vegetables and melons, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Vegetables fresh, others, production quantity (tons)
Vegetables fresh, others, area harvested (hectare)
Vegetables fresh, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Potatoes Value
Potatoes, production quantity (tons)
Potatoes, area harvested (hectare)
Potatoes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Sweet potatoes, production quantity (tons)
Sweet potatoes, area harvested (hectare)
Sweet potatoes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Tomatoes Value
Tomatoes, production quantity (tons)
Tomatoes, area harvested (hectare)
Tomatoes, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Maize Value
Maize, total, production quantity (tons)
Maize, total, area harvested (hectare)
Maize, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Onions Value
Onions, green, production quantity (tons)
Onions, green, area harvested (hectare)
Onions, green, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Vegetables cont.

Taro Value
Taro, production quantity (tons)
Taro, area harvested (hectare)
Taro, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cassava Value
Cassava, production quantity (tons)
Cassava, area harvested (hectare)
Cassava, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Yams Value
Yams, production quantity (tons)
Yams, area harvested (hectare)
Yams, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Spices

Cloves Value
Cloves, production quantity (tons)
Cloves, area harvested (hectare)
Cloves, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Vanilla Value
Vanilla, production quantity (tons)
Vanilla, area harvested (hectare)
Vanilla, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cinnamon Value
Cinnamon, production quantity (tons)
Spices, other Value
Spices, others, production quantity (tons)
Spices, others, area harvested (hectare)
Spices, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Fibres

Fibres, total Value
Fibre crops, primary, production quantity (tons)
Fibre crops, primary, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Sisal Value
Sisal, production quantity (tons)
Sisal, area harvested (hectare)
Sisal, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Roots

Roots and tubers Value
Roots and tubers, total, production quantity (tons)
Roots and tubers, total, area harvested (hectare)
Roots and tubers, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Cereals

Cereals, total Value
Cereals, total, production quantity (tons)
Cereals, total, area harvested (hectare)
Cereals, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rice Value
Rice, paddy, production quantity (tons)
Rice, paddy, area harvested (hectare)
Rice, paddy, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Rice, milled, area harvested (hectare)
Rice, milled, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Coarse grain Value
Coarse grain, production quantity (tons)
Coarse grain, area harvested (hectare)
Coarse grain, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Oilcrops

Oilcrops Value
Oilcrops primary, production quantity (tons)
Oilcrops primary, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Pulses

Pulses, total Value
Pulses, total, production quantity (tons)
Pulses, total, area harvested (hectare)
Pulses, total, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pulses, others, production quantity (tons)
Pulses, others, area harvested (hectare)
Pulses, others, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Coffee Value
Coffee, green, production quantity (tons)
Coffee, green, area harvested (hectare)
Coffee, green, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Cocoa beans Value
Cocoa beans, production quantity (tons)
Cocoa beans, area harvested (hectare)
Cocoa beans, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Pigeon peas Value
Pigeon peas, production quantity (tons)
Pigeon peas, area harvested (hectare)
Pigeon peas, yield (hectogram per hectare)

Crop - Nuts

Coconuts Value
Coconuts, production quantity (tons)
Coconuts, area harvested (hectare)
Coconuts, yield (hectogram per hectare)
Peanuts Value
Peanuts, production quantity (tons)
Peanuts, area harvested (hectare)
Peanuts, yield (hectogram per hectare)

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