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Population Value
Population, total
Population, female
Population, female (% of total)
Population, male
Population, ages 80 and above (% of total)
Population growth rate (%)
Population living in areas where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total population)
Urbanization Value
Urban population
Urban population (% of total)
Urban population growth (annual %)
Population in largest city
Population in the largest city (% of urban population)
Rural population Value
Rural population
Rural population (% of total population)
Rural population growth (annual %)


Migration Value
Migrants, net
Net migration rate, per 1000 people
International migrant stock, total
International migrant stock (% of population)
Refugees Value
Refugee population by country or territory of asylum
Refugee population by country or territory of origin


Births Value
Birth rate, per 1000 people
Birth rate, ages 15-19 (births per 1000 women)
Fertility rate (births per woman)
Wanted fertility rate (births per woman)
Net reproduction rate per women (daughters per women)
Births attended by skilled health staff (% of total)
Low-birthweight babies (% of births)
Exclusive breastfeeding, child, under 6 months (%)
Completeness of birth registration (%)
Completeness of birth registration, rural (%)
Completeness of birth registration, urban (%)
Prenatal care Value
Pregnant women receiving prenatal care (%)
Teenage mothers Value
Teenage mothers, ages 15-19 (% of women who have had children or are currently pregnant)
Contraception Value
Contraceptive prevalence, women, ages 15-49 (%)
Unmet need for contraception, ages 15-49 (% of married women)

Human Development Index

Human Development Index Value
Human Development Index (0-1)


Age Value
Survival to age 65, female (% of cohort)
Survival to age 65, male (% of cohort)
Life expectancy Value
Life expectancy at birth, total (years)
Life expectancy at birth, female (years)
Life expectancy at birth, male (years)


Deaths Value
Deaths, total
Deaths, female
Deaths, male
Mortality rate, per 1000 people, total
Mortality rate, adult, female, per 1000 female adults
Mortality rate, adult, male, per 1000 male adults
Mortality rate by cause, cancer, per 100.000 people (ages 30-70)
Mortality rate by cause, cardiovascular, per 100.000 people (ages 30-70)
Mortality rate by cause, injuries, per 100.000 people
Mortality rate by cause, noncommunicable, per 100.000 people
Maternal deaths
Maternal mortality ratio, per 100.000 live births
Lifetime risk of maternal death (%)
Lifetime risk of maternal death (1 in: rate varies by country)
Infant mortality rate, neonatal, per 1000 live births
Infant mortality rate, under 1, per 1000 live births, total
Infant mortality rate, under 5, per 1000 live births, total
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Diarrhoea (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, HIV and AIDS (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Injuries (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Malaria (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Measles (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Neonatal (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, Pneumonia (%)
Infant mortality under 5 by cause, other (%)
Completeness of total death reporting (% of reported total deaths to estimated total deaths)
Completeness of infant death reporting (% of reported infant deaths to estimated infant deaths)
Battle-related deaths (number of people)


Homicides Value
Intentional homicides per 100.000 people


Gender distribution Value
Gender distribution, total (ratio of men to women)
Gender distribution, newborn (ratio of men to women)
Gender equality Value
Proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments (%)
Firms with female participation in ownership (% of firms)


Health expenditure Value
Health expenditure, total (% of GDP)
Health expenditure per capita (US $)
Health expenditure per capita, PPP (constant 2005 international $)
Health expenditure, public (% of total health expenditure)
Health expenditure, public (% of GDP)
Health expenditure, public (% of government expenditure)
Health expenditure, private (% of GDP)
Out-of-pocket health expenditure (% of private expenditure on health)
External resources for health (% of total expenditure on health)
Health care Value
Hospital beds, per 1000 people
Physicians, per 1000 people
Nursing and midwifes
Dentistry personnel
Nurses and midwives, per 1000 people
Dentistry personnel, per 1.000 people
Immunization Value
Immunization, DPT, children ages 12-23 months (%)
Newborns protected against tetanus (%)
Immunization, measles, children ages 12-23 months (%)
Immunization, Hepatitis B (HepB3), children ages 0 - 12 months (%)
Immunization, Hib (Hib3), children ages 0 - 12 months (%)
Sanitation facilities Value
Improved sanitation facilities (% of population with access)
Improved sanitation facilities, urban (% of urban population with access)
Improved sanitation facilities, rural (% of rural population with access)


Nutrition Value
Consumption of iodized salt (% of households)
Vitamin A supplementation coverage rate, child, ages 6-50 months (% )
Malnutrition Value
Malnutrition prevalence (%)
Malnutrition prevalence, weight for age (% of children under 5)
Malnutrition prevalence, height for age (% of children under 5)
Depth of hunger (kilocalories per person per day)
Overweight Value
Overweight, children, under 5 (%)


Smoking Value
Smoking prevalence, female (% of adults)
Smoking prevalence, male (% of adults)


AIDS Value
HIV, AIDS Infected
AIDS deaths
Prevalence of HIV, ages 15-49 (%)
Prevalence of HIV, female share, ages 15 and above (% of total population with AIDS)
Prevalence of HIV, female, ages 15-24 (%)
Prevalence of HIV, male, ages 15-24 (%)
Antiretroviral therapy coverage (% of people with advanced HIV infection)
Acute respiratory infection Value
Acute respiratory infection treatment, under 5 (% of children taken to a health provider)
Cholera Value
Cholera cases
Diarrhea Value
Diarrhea treatment, under 5 (% of children under 5 receiving oral rehydration and continued feeding)
Diphtheria Value
Diphtheria cases
Japanese encephalitis Value
Japanese encephalitis cases
Leprosy Value
Leprosy cases
Malaria Value
Notified cases of malaria, per 100.000 people
Use of insecticide-treated bed nets, under 5 (%)
Children with fever receiving antimalarial drugs, under 5 (% of children under age 5 with fever)
Measles Value
Measles cases
Mumps Value
Mumps cases
Pertussis Value
Pertussis cases
Poliomyelitis Value
Poliomyelitis cases
Rubella Value
Rubella cases
Congenital rubella cases
Tetanus Value
Tetanus cases, total
Tetanus cases, newborn
Tuberculosis Value
Incidence of tuberculosis, per 100.000 people
Tuberculosis case detection rate (%, all forms)
Tuberculosis treatment success rate (% of registered cases)
Yellow fever Value
Yellow fever cases

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